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2022.09.01 Lift Every Voice

09.01.2022  out there in the world 
there is still wisdom and goodness 
there is still kindness and grace 
there is still room 
plenty of room 
a place for you and for me 
a place for your dreams and for my…

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2022.08.08 Nestor the Elephant

08.08.2022  I don't mean to brag, but...I feel like I pretty much have the cutest mousepad ever! Ladies and Nestor...the most adorable mousepad on the planet {possibly the universe} 

I know I haven't shared a lot, personally, but it's…

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2022.07.11 Tune Us In and Turn It Up!

07.11.2022   Girls With Guitars {Laura Benitez, Brenda Carsey, Yours Truly, and a very special surprise guest sliding in on steel guitar} will be slinging stories, sass and songs running up to our July 30th show at Michael's On Main! Save…

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