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2023.04.15 Everything But The Girl

04.15.2023 Over. The. MOON!!!  Excited for the first Everything But The Girl album in twenty-four years!!! In anticipation of this week's April 21st release date, I've had so much fun wandering down rabbit holes all day — listening to the…

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2023.03.17 Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

03.17.2023 Believe it or not, this precious teeny tiny little bundle of feathers, with a most remarkably enormous heart, has been helping me to find the words I've been searching for. I'll share more of that along with those words,…

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2023.03.02 Christmas Wishes & Dreams Coming True

03.02.2023 Dear Friends, does anyone remember this? {gotta throw all the way back to December 4th 2021 for this one} Well. I can still hardly believe I’m about to say this, but…tomorrow night at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas…this Christmas…

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