2020.07.01 Songs From Home ~ Hard Times

07.01.2020 When I was little my mom would drive me to school in the morning and my dad would pick me up from school to drive me home. There was always music playing on the radios of that big old…

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2020.05.12 That Ten-Days-Ten-Albums-Thing

05.12.2020 I so enjoy seeing and reading all the various fun copy/paste posts by dear friends and family and folks, even though I myself don't typically do those types of social media things -- but I was nominated by and…

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2020.04.19 Songs Of Quiet Sadness

04.19.2020  I pray you and your families are staying safe and well...we're all in this together; it's okay to feel afraid and uncertain...know that you're not alone, and we'll find our way through this together-while-apart. If anyone else has been…

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