2023.01.12 Milestones

01.12.2033 It's January. The arrival of another new year. With it comes another "award season" and the SAG Awards nominations were just announced this week. I recall years ago reading that Tom Hanks proudly wore his Screen Actors Guild membership pin everywhere he went when he first became a member. I can relate to that feeling of joy upon working so hard and at long last achieving a milestone dream. I remember geeking out with my pin on my collar everywhere I went, too, for about a month or so when I first became a member. That was over twenty years ago. And though I no longer regularly sport my pin on my lapel, I feel just as honored to be a member today as I did the day I first paid my union dues and was issued my first SAG card [now SAG-AFTRA] and guild membership pin. What dreams and goals are you striving to accomplish and/or feel excited to have achieved? If there's something that means a lot to you, I hope you'll share it with me, below, so I can cheer you on. Keep working hard, keep believing in yourself, one day at a time. I hope your New Year is off to a great start and that 2023 is filled with blessings and milestone dreams coming true for you!