2023.01.05 NEWSFLASH: Tonight's Song Swap with Tim Sincere Has Been Rescheduled

01.05.2023  NEWSFLASH! due to the severe storm damage, road closures, evacuations and coastal flooding, tonight's show has been cancelled and has been rescheduled for Groundhog Day, Thursday, February 2nd 2023 at 6:00pm at The Ugly Mug. 

Tim Sincere and I both feel disappointed we won't be able to see you all and share a night of music and fun and a bunch of sad songs about heartache, pain and drinking but we're greatly relieved that this will help to keep all our music friends and family safe and sound. 

We're trying our best to reach all of our friends and followers and family through all the emails we've sent, though if you could help us spread the word of the new rescheduled date, we'd appreciate your time and help so very much. We had a lot of folks coming out to the show tonight and we're trying to catch everyone in time so that no one travels to the cafe only to find it closed this evening due to the storm and newly rescheduled date 

My heartfelt love and thanks to all — and for all the kind texts and email messages and phone calls to make sure my family and I are okay (we are all safe and sound) and to offer a place to stay if we're evacuated (we are not, we're high enough above the water, we will not be evacuated...we merely have lots of candles for candlelight whenever the power flickers or goes out) I just can't tell you how much you've touched my heart — I so appreciate your love and kindness and caring and support, and the time you've given to reach out. 

Keep being kind to yourself and to one another — keep loving yourself and one another through this — like all storms, the sun will shine again, and I'll see you safely on the other side.