2022.09.18 Is It Raining At Your House?

09.18.2022  For many years, going on about seven now, I've been playing this song out live in either celebration of the first real rain of the season or praying for the first to come. Today it just so happens I'm honoring both, the prayer for and the celebration of much needed rain falling along the coast of California. Though I'm not playing out live tonight, I thought I'd share an old flashback of a song from home cover of "Is It Raining At Your House" penned by the late great songwriters Vern Gosdin and Hank Cochran, to keep what has become a beloved tradition I've come to cherish. I even threw a bit of reverb into the mix, just to make it a little extra hauntingly beautiful! {Sounds super cool with headphones!} I hope you'll give it a listen and drop me a line in the comments below to share your favorite rainy day songs with me!