2022.05.01 Behind The Scenes - Red Number 5 (West Coast Bridge Mix)

05.01.2022  Ever wonder what it's like behind the scenes to bring a song to life? 

May 1st marks six months since the world premiere of the Red Number 5 Official Lyric Video and oh my goodness gracious, thanks to YOU, as I write the song’s been heard/the video's been seen all around the world and we’re fast approaching 40,000 YouTube streams and counting! 

To celebrate I want to share with you a very special behind the scenes glimpse into all the hard work (and tons of fun) that goes into bringing a song to life. From John Reilly and Colin Elliot holding down production for the music bed of the track at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield, UK; to Keith Greeninger and I laying down my lead vocal tracks here in California, USA; and for this extra special occasion, the behind the scenes footage is set to this special West Coast Bridge Mix version mastered by Dave Chalfant of Norfolk Studios in Massachusetts. 

I hope you enjoy watching pieces of the magic unfold as much as we enjoy creating it for you. Thanks so very much for listening and subscribing and staying in touch, and I’ll see you again soon!