2022.03.25 Lord I Hope This Day Is Good

03.25.2022  If you feel anything like I do, at times it seems as though every headline of news breaks your heart. Some days feel as though the sadness is more than my heart can possibly bear. In those moments all I can do is rely upon pure faith and presence, and prayer, and an inexplicable belief and hope that there is a far greater plan and power than anything I'm capable of comprehending or understanding. Reminds me of these seemingly prayerful lyrics and flashback moment I found of a favorite Don Williams hit. “Lord I Hope This Day Is Good” written by Dave Hanner. The world really can feel heartbreaking and sad and overwhelming at times. Know that it's completely human and normal and okay to not be okay sometimes. We all feel that way every now and again. Know you're not alone. We're all in this together. Feel the hands on your back. Keep keeping the faith. And keep on keeping on. Remember to be kind to yourself and kind to one another. Remember to love yourself and love one another. Thanks so much for keeping in touch and subscribing to my channel, I love singing songs for you and keeping in touch with you, and I’ll see you again soon!