2021.10.10 From My Heart and From Girls With Guitars Hearts...Thank You For Coming!

10.10.2021 Good morning dear friends. This Sunday morning finds me absolutely exhausted in the best possible ways, so I'll keep this short for now, and I'll share with you more when I've gotten some rest and catch my breath. For now let me just say: I'd never booked a Saturday night show for Girls With Guitars...because I wasn't entirely sure it was a Saturday night kind of show...and when I was working to put together this engagement back in February, I wasn't sure if anyone would come. Dear friends, I'm at a loss for words...you did come, and you kept on coming...until you filled the walls and halls of this treasured venue with your beautiful hearts and smiling faces! Thank YOU! Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing a night of songs and stories and music with us. You could have been anywhere else, but you gave the precious gift of your time to share the night with us and, from my heart to yours, I humbly Thank You.

{photo credit: Shmuel Thaler}