2020.09.17 Production Begins at Yellow Arch Studios in UK!

09.17.2020  I'm so excited! SHE SAID SHE'S LEAVING (Transatlantic Edition) production has begun in the UK and a release date is drawing near!  My amazing producer, the one and only Mr. John Reilly {singer-songwriter and front man for bands Boy On A Dolphin and Acoustic Angels} has assembled an incredible team with Colin Elliot on bass, keys, and percussion; and Shez Sheridan on guitars. John’s also so thoughtful and kind and has sent along pictures and videos to me across the Atlantic all the way in California USA so I could feel a part of the UK side of production. I’ve pieced together a few clips to share with you a sneak peek behind the scenes! Come join me for a glimpse into the magic as John, Colin, and Shez lay down the instrumental tracks during the Yellow Arch Studios recording sessions in Sheffield, England.

Here in the US I’ll be heading into the studio October 1st to lay down my vocals.  I feel honored and grateful to be working with Americana legend Keith Greeninger to capture this up close and personal performance for the transatlantic project.  Keith and I will send the raw vocal takes to John for him to compile the vocals and mix the tracks. From there, it’s off to be mastered and we should have a final cut of the song within another week or two. I’ll keep you posted as we settle on an official release date. 

Thank you for sharing this exciting news and adventure with me.  I’m so glad you’re here and a part of this with me!  I look forward to sharing with you as much as I possibly can, so you too can be a part of this special song that will help to bring hope and support for survivors of domestic abuse through COVID-19 crisis and beyond.