2020.06.10 Songs From Home ~ The View From Her Window

06.10.2020 "Would you please play 'The View From Her Window'? It's my favorite song of yours". The unexpected gift of those kind words were a precious reminder I needed to hear that night.

One of the most important lessons I've learned in life, and in music, is to always be faithful and true to your self. As a young person growing up I was often teased for listening to country music in a primary school and high school world of kids listening to heavy metal and rock n roll. As an adult I was often teased when I first started playing my music out and about around my home town. I was ribbed by a small handful of some of the older vanguard of local musicians for singing sad songs. They meant no harm, but in those early days, I gotta confess I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt my feelings a little. And for a period of time I was tempted to try to be someone I'm not. I can remember pulling certain songs from my set list, especially those that came from some of the most tender moments of grief and loss I've known in my life. That was until one night at a gig when a dear soul in the audience -- Annie W. who has since become a dear friend over the years -- spoke those words the heaven's must've known I needed to hear. I was just about moved to tears right there and then for that precious gift of a childhood lesson this grown woman needed to remember...to always be faithful and true to my self; to never allow the sticks and stones of others to tempt me to be anyone other than who I am...and to remember that, sometimes, the very things that may cause us to feel vulnerable about our selves, fragile, and tempted to dim from the world, may be among the very things that others hold most dear, treasure, and shine the brightest.

These days I happily play my sad songs wherever my travels take me. And whenever Annie's in the audience, I always work her favorite song into the set whether it's on the list that night or not. Speaking of which, this one's for Annie..."The View From Her Window" is this week's song from home.