2023.04.15 Everything But The Girl

04.15.2023 Over. The. MOON!!!  Excited for the first Everything But The Girl album in twenty-four years!!! In anticipation of this week's April 21st release date, I've had so much fun wandering down rabbit holes all day — listening to the early more-heavily folk/jazz-influenced albums {like: "Idlewild"...and "The Language Of Life"...and "Worldwide"} that captured the ears of a young college girl's heart and turned me into a lifelong fan of this incredibly talented duo — it's left me misty eyed with nostalgia, reminiscing, and feeling so very fortunate that I got to see them live at The Warfield in San Francisco, California before they retired from touring to raise a family. Do you have a favorite EBTG song or album? If so I hope you'll share it with me in the comments below and we can count down the days together to Friday when "Fuse" hits the streams and airwaves all around the world!