2023.01.20 Thankfulness For Thirsty Thursday Song Swap With Clyde Leland

01.20.2023 When we booked these Song Swap gigs a few months back, none of us could have known: our sleepy little beach town would be devastated by a series of atmospheric rivers, forcing us to reschedule our first song swap of the year with Tim Sincere; and that the President Of The United States and the Governor Of California would visit our neighborhood on the date of our song swap with Clyde Leland. Though the night was nothing like we'd planned for, the evening unfolded exactly as it was meant to be, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you Steve Volk and The Ugly Mug for allowing Clyde Leland and me to share a stage and an enchanted evening with you in your treasured space...The Mug is such a precious gem in this community...I know you all could have been anywhere else, on such an unexpected shift in the universe, yet you poured your whole hearts into our song swap just as if it was filled to the rafters. From my heart to each of yours, thank you Steve Volk, and Malcom and the other kind barista (I'm so sorry I didn't catch her name), my amazingly talented kind friend Tim Sincere for hanging out with us, my amazingly talented kind friend Clyde Leland for sharing the stage with me, and to everyone out there in Facebookland (thank you Steve for going the extra mile to host a live stream) thank you for the gift and the privilege to sing our hearts out for you...it's a blessing I do not take for granted.