2022.10.06 That's The Way Love Goes

10.06.2022  My dad's all-time favorite always has been and always will be the late great Merle Haggard. I learned this classic Hag song "That's The Way Love Goes" {written by Lefty Frizzell and Sanger D. Shafer} to surprise my dad for his 75th birthday when he was here in California and came out to one of my gigs — I was crying, my dad was crying, practically everyone in the audience was crying...but somehow someway I made it through the song — hard to believe a few more years have passed and my dad just celebrated his 80th birthday last week! Thought it'd be fun to throw back to this special song in honor of his new milestone. {i threw some reverb into the mix to make it sound extra nostalgic 😎 and sounds extra cool with headphones} Give it a spin when you have a chance and drop a line in the comments to say hey and share your favorite Merle Haggard song with me!

p.s. good grief. pay no nevermind to the stacks of boxes and adorable stuffed animals (and wet shampoo head) 🙄 i’d found a nice quiet spare room to sneak away to practice my dad’s song but at the time never even considered it's not exactly the most lovely ab fab aesthetic setting 😂