2022.09.01 Lift Every Voice

09.01.2022  out there in the world 
there is still wisdom and goodness 
there is still kindness and grace 
there is still room 
plenty of room 
a place for you and for me 
a place for your dreams and for my dreams 
in that place 
that is where you will find me 

if ever there was a stage that captures the message of my heart, and what every Girls With Guitars show stands for...this is it. 

wherever the present moment finds you - maybe you want to be a teacher, or a firefighter, or a plumber, or a doctor, or an astronaut, or a sculptor, or a person who writes songs and sings them - as you work hard each day toward fulfilling your dreams...celebrate the joys and successes of others, just as you celebrate your own; be happy for the blessings that come to each and everyone, just as you count your very own...be that someone who Lifts Every Voice along your way. 

#GoldenGatePark #MusicConcourse #LiftEveryVoice