2022.10.16 COVID Caught Me

10.16.2022  Dear friends, I've been running fast and running hard for so long now...over two and a half years...but COVID finally caught up to me. I know I promised a few of you dear friends and family that I'd record that re-do cover of Ashley McBryde's "Bible And A .44" since I made a hot mess outta the second verse on live radio...I promise you I haven't forgotten and I'll get right on it just as soon as I'm feeling a bit better...but for now I'm grateful I found this special moment to share with you. It's from the summer before the pandemic when I was lucky enough to get to take a verse of McBryde's "Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega" with my dear friend TK Tran (and Tony V, who I don't think had ever even heard the song before, noodling around on lead guitar off camera) at the beloved old Hubs Coffee. It was raw, vulnerable, and completely unrehearsed...such a super fun night of music with such dear precious friends and folks...brings back so many memories.

I hope this quick note finds you, and all you love, keeping healthy and happy and well. And I promise I'll follow through taking that mulligan just as soon as I'm able. In the meantime, remember to be kind to yourself and kind to one another — remember to love yourself and love one another — and take good care of yourself and one another, I'll catch you on the flipside soon.

{photo credit: thanks to dear friends Dave Farpelha and David Hiemstra...not sure if it was DF or DH who grabbed TK's phone to capture these moments that evening...but sure do thank the guys for sharing that and so many precious Hubs music memories with me...miss you all and so very grateful}